GPO ornate wall telephone

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Take a look at this wonderful as found telephone.


Marked with a small oval plate GPO 1729 and stamped in the wood on the back GPO 1729. A very sought after and rare model and also incredibly beautiful. This one is un-restored but is in very good condition. It has the ornate mouth piece arm but has the later GPO No22 mouthpiece. This was probably upgraded when in service to keep it performing to a good standard. Slight damage to the top arch, a crack to one side, a small peice missing from the shelf insert all pictured and but nothing very difficult to a museum or top collector to get fixed. This is a wonderful find and important in telephone history. I am not sure yet on the date but early 1900s. This telephone should have world wide appeal and will be surprised if it stays in this country. My guess will be Australia or the USA. I need to do some research myself. I have taken lots of pictures. Amaizing to still find these very early telephones and still in great condition for around 100 years old. Note the original label. The glass is missing. All the metal parts will need to be restored.

I found this information on Bob Freshwaters excelent web site. It looks like the NTC version although this one has no NTC markings that I can find.

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