GPO Green 162 1930s

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A good example of a pretty much unobtainable telephone.


This is made from the early thermo setting material originally used until around 1937. This material is called Urea Formaldehyde and commonly called Bakelite although it is only the Black models that a true Bakelite. These coloured telephones from this period are very rare to find in good condition and so command very high prices. Although this one has some issues as stated and photographed it is still a very good example. It retains a good colour with only minor colour fade and as you can see is looks great. This material usually has stress cracks particularly in the handset where metal parts internally will expand and contract at different rated with large temperature changes. Note this one has a stress lines to either side of the body, some to the handset and a crack under the dial. A great collectors telephone in good as found condition and still with a genuine period braided cord. Sold as non working collectors item.

Base is marked 1934 and handset 1936.