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Green 332 (GPO-Telephone)

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Your chance to own a Green 332 at an affordable price.


This telephone has been restored for us by Neil Carpenter at "Antique Telephones". It is the tropical version used in hot countries and has a vent grill to the rear. probable date is 1950s. The moulding are the same as made for the GPO and not cheaper less well made parts. The handset is blank in the oval because it was not made for the GPO and also has some swirling in the colour but as you can see it looks great and is fully working to both dial out and receive. The finger dial is colour matched jade green and the dial is a GPO No21a model. It has an electronic microphone fitted and a very good quality reproduction plaited handset cord. It has some damage which I have listed below. This is not by any means perfect but is a genuine green 332 and still looks very good. If perfect and GPO expect to pay £950 and so this is one to show off and use as your everyday telephone.

  This telephone is fully working to plug in and go.

1/ Right corner chip.

2/ Rear right top of cradle chip.

3/ Mouth piece lip chip.

4/ repaired and stabilised crack to front as shown in the last picture.

5/  Left right drawer aperture corner has a repair.

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