Very rare stepped based candlestick telephone

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I have never seen one of these.


 This is a very rare candlestick telephone and although I have been collecting for many years have never come across this model. I believe it is known as the stepped base model and going by the dial patent number assume 1911. I have found information on Bob Freshwaters site to a very similar model from that time. The dial has the Mercedes label holder. Note the unusual earpiece internals and the metal insert to the bell reciever case. The dial is not wired up and is as I found it. The dial finger plate returns on the spring although the mechanism is not working on the return. I have checked the dial and it is working if returned manually and so someone that is familiar with this item could probably get it working correctly. This may be the missing item from your collection and so I expect it to make a good price. See all the number on the dial etc in the close up pictures below. The dial has England marked on it and so I think it is one used on the UK system. Very early for a dial telephone and sold as seen from the detailed pictures. This is a none working collectors item and as I have no knowledge of this telephone I have no idea if it is correct although it was as it came along with a GPO No 16 used as an extension phone.

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