Genuine GPO No16 telephone (GPO-Telephone)

  • Description

This is a nice as found cleaned but not restored telephone.


This is a very nice condition GPO No 16 and so would date after 1912. often known as the skeleton telephone for obvious reasons. This has been cleaned but had no restoration or parts added and so quite a nice find for a collector. As you can see all the parts are in good as found condition and for a telephone of this age is quite unusual. It was probably used as an extension telephone as the bell coils and hammer parts have been removed. This was quite common as they would have used quite a lot to power them and so one telephone would have supplied the ring. a collector might like to find these parts over time or have them in their parts box. this has been reasonably priced and should sell quite quickly. See the pictures to asses the condition for yourself. it has the odd screw missing but nothing more than that other than already stated above.

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