Ivory 1/232 with CB plate mounted on a GPO No26 bell set

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This is very rare and the bell box is genuine and not a copy.

Sold as found but in wonderful condition. Options for fully working or full restoration are also available via Neil Carpenter before it is sent out.


Please note this is the same telephone listed here with a dial and so if you want it with a dial and without a bell set then buy it from the other listing. Please Email if you want to ask any questions or want this telephone but with a dial and we can quote. This is one of the best un-restored telephones you will find. No restoration, no damage, no repairs. It still has its original line in and handset cord in perfect condition. The handset is dated 1957 and the base is 1955 and is quite correct. They don't get found like this very often. The telephone part is a perfect colour match. Not converted and sold as a collectors piece. I have fitted a genuine GPO bell set No26 and a rare CB plate. As you can see the bell set is slightly miss matched to the telephone.

 I can quote for conversion if required. If you require it fully working stripped and cleaned. I can Get Neil Carpenter to quote before it is sent out.