GPO N016 made by Ericsson

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This model is known as the Skeleton.


This one is in good condition with only few minor parts being non original. This model was first manufactured by Ericsson in 1895 and was used world wide as the most used desk telephone. This one is  dated from 1912 onwards due to being a GPO marked No16 as before this date in the UK would have been National Telephone Company or N.T.C. We have simply given it a a dust down and light clean. I have taken plenty of photographs to show the condition and the parts that have been changed over its very long lifetime. The parts I can see that have been changed are the feet, two nuts on the end of the crank handle and the handset cord is probably from the 1940s. This will make a very nice addition to your GPO collection. The crank handle turns easily. This is being sold as a collectors item or decorative piece.