Ivory GPO 162F 1935 fully working

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Fully restored and working.


This is a beautiful little telephone as you can see from the pictures. The handset cord is original and undamaged although darkened with age. It retains it original GPO No10 enamel faced dial with some minor crazing. These early GPO telephones from the 1930s are made from a material very similar to Bakelite and do absorb the atmosphere over many years and so has discoloured over many years. The body has a small crack under the dial but it cannot be seen unless you look very closely and I have taken a picture to show this. The cradle has been replaced at some time in its life but must have been many years ago as it has some fading. this telephone has lots of pictures to show the condition and so if you want something that is perfect then this is not for you. However if you want a telephone to look like it is old but not tatty then this is for you. The internals are from the later 1/232 model and so work perfectly to both dial out and receive. It is fitted with an electronic microphone, a GPO 2P receiver and a new plastic line in cord to enable it to be plugged into a telephone socket and work perfectly. It has been fitted with a small bell using a spacial bracket to so as not to damage the base. The bell is a small mechanical one and so wont be very loud and ideal for a bedroom or in conjunction with other telephones. It has been stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned but as you can see the Bakelite material has absorbed some discolouration. This will make a real statement of period in your home and the best this is it works and can be used every day. This telephone was restored for me by Neil Carpenter.

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