Rare Green Bakelite telephone 1933

Believed to be unique
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Manufactured in the UK in 1933. We believe this may be unique. Made by Standard.


Believed to be unique

Andrew Bishop has asked me Neil Carpenter to clean and photograph this telephone for him. This is in wonderful as found condition and is a lovely un-faded colour. It has been lightly cleaned to show how good this telephone is. The internals are as if it were made yesterday and simply as good as you could hope for. The cords are in great original condition with no damage or fraying. It has a wonderful connection block that I have never seen before made in the same material as the telephone. The handset is a work of art and is very beautiful. Even the receiver is made from the same Bakelite material. The cradle has been very well designed with some lovely shaping to the tips. The dial is marked W33 which I assume is the date along with a date on the internal capacitor.  I have spoken to Europe's largest dealer that has been selling telephones for many years more than me and he told me he has never seen a green one before or any other colour for that matter. This model has slipped under the radar of UK collectors because a coloured one has never been seen and so no one was looking for any. This was manufactured in England and so part of our telephone history and I believe may be unique. It has some damage to the back leg of the cradle as you can see and to the back of the telephone which has a crack. This is made from Urea Formaldehyde the same material as the GPO 162 model and so is susceptible to stress cracking over many years as this one has. You can see how good this telephones condition is. I made a copy of the original dial label as the original was very poor condition.  I have put a link to The wonderful Bob Freshwaters web site to see the history these telephones. http://www.britishtelephones.com/stc2724.htm

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