Rare green Acrylic Siemens 310

  • Description

This is a wonderful example of a very rare telephone.


As you can see it is in great condition. It has a lovely GPO No10 dial with a perfect enamel face. This one has its original Siemens handset cord in very good condition which to be honest is almost un heard of. I have left the original feed although they are quite poor in condition. If you want me to change to better black 200 series feet I will do that at no extra charge if you tell me on check out. This has been stripped down and rebuilt and in perfect working condition to both dial out and receive and fitted with an electronic microphone to bring the speech quality up to modern standards. It has a modern quality GPO specification round plastic green line in cord with a UK plug socket. It has a genuine original dial label. I have had a quality Siemens gold label fitted which sets the telephone off. Please note this telephone has a smaller hole for the handset cord into the body and is made from Acrylic. I don't know if this was just for this model but it is unusual. This one is quite rare to have a Siemens marked handset as these were often ground out if being used on private systems. The handset has some cracking and crazing in places and pictures although can only be seen in certain light conditions.

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