GPO No 254

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Rare and unusual G.P.O. Bakelite telephone. No. 254

A real collectors piece. 


Rare and unusual G.P.O. Bakelite telephone. No. 254. (Portable emergency telephone). Housed in purpose made heavy duty Mahogany box. This emergency outfit consists of a 300 series G.P.O. phone which is fixed within the box by means of 4 screws in the box base which are applied to the telephone base in the place where the base plate is normally fitted. It has a chrome dial with Alpha Numeric number "plate". Three chrome buttons on the phone with metal plate immediately below reading from left - (1) Four wire (2) Two wire (3) Two wire battery feed to line.. Handset is No. 184. B-S 38/1, whilst centre section of handset has depressible insert which states -"Press whilst speaking"

To the left of the phone are 6 largish brass connection points. Written between the top two is " 2 wire". Between the second pair "Receive - 4 wire". Between the lower pair an  arrow with the word "send".. To the right of the phone is what I presume to be a small magneto with winding handle sticking out from the front of the box. To the left rear of the phone are two coils such as would normally be found within the phone. To the right rear is a small cardboard "battery  box" with two connectors on top ( 1 red and 1 green) to which wires are connected, which in turn seem to emanate from the rear of the phone itself. Battery box is very light and has printed thereon 11 G.P.O.- CLTD.. Within the lid are two wiring diagrams and a sheet of detailed instructions on use. The lid itself is also fitted with canvas/sponge padding so that it seats firmly on the handset when shut to ensure security of the phone when being moved about. The whole appears complete and unaltered since it was last used.

The box is extremely robust, made with .5" thick mahogany and dovetail type joints all round. There are 4   .75" high white rubber feet both on the base and at the rear ., with stout leather carrying handle fixed at each side with screws. The lid is removable by sliding to one side. The catch at the front is strong and works as it should, but shows some considerable corrosion of the original chrome. The phone itself shows minor signs of use where handset has been replaced on the cradle. Dial turns perfectly. Phone itself is in V.V.G.C., as it has very likely not been exposed to sunlight or other weathering agents. (Very nice and black, as is the handset). Braided handset cord is in pristine condition. Magneto turns well.. The case itself is in excellent condition (with an "eggshell" finish) considering its age, with nice graining on the wood, and built to withstand considerable punishment when necessary !!. Slight fading in colour in vicinity of magneto winding handle. Would make a superb addition to any telephone collection and is a very unusual item.  It weighs @7.5 kilos.