Red GPO 312L with drawer

  • Description

A very good value telephone and at a very low price for a genuine red GPO 312L with drawer.


This one is all original other than the later 21A dial. This one is dated 1952 on the handset and 1953 on the base. It has been totally stripped down and rebuilt after each part has been cleaned. It was restored by Neil Carpenter. It has been set up to dial out and receive perfectly and is fitted with an electronic microphone for perfect speech quality. Note the very good original GPO red handset cord (hens Teeth). This one has fading to the handset and body and the handset has some mismatch to the ear and mouthpiece and some patching. The bottom has some small chips on the inside and there are no cracks. As you can see it is a good original telephone but with some issues and would make a great starter telephone to be used as a quality every day phone.